Remote KeyLogger

Remote KeyLogger 3.4

Remote Keylogger secretly captures everything users do on a computer
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We've never seen such a powerful and at the same time very easy to use spy software. Once tried, we love it forever.
Really, it's extremely easy to install and to use even for non-techy user. And unlike many other programs you can try before buy!

Remote Keylogger is a program that secretly captures everything users do on a computer. You will see what users type, their passwords, every web site visited in the Internet and much more.

One of the most impressive features is "chat capturing". Remote Keylogger is one of a few keyloggers that captures both sides of chat conversations of the most popular instant messangers such as AIM, ICQ, MSN and Yahoo! Messenger.

Also you will know exactly what applications were launched and duration of their work.

You can examine all captured information immediately in the form of eye-catching reports. But often it's more convenient to see them in the other place, especially when you have no access to the monitored computer. So, Remote Keylogger's reports can be automatically delivered to your secret email address for further examination. No one but you can see captured information because all reports are password protected.

Remote Keylogger is absolutely invisible for users. So they don't know that you're watching on them. Only you can access Remote Keylogger's control center to view reports or change options. All you need is to press secret hotkey and enter correct password.

Remote Keylogger is ready-to-use by default. In any case you can additionally customize it. For example, you can specify email address for reports delivery.

The unique feature we've never seen in any other programs is that Remote Keylogger monitors all simultaneously working users both local and remote ones. So it's indispensable tool when users use Fast User Switch or connect to computer using Remote Desktop.

So, we want to say that it's excellent program in the security market that we recommend to everyone.

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